It can be a very daunting experience planning a wedding, so many factors to consider, the dress, the cake, photographer, food, band and not forgetting the most stressful part – the guest list. Don’t worry Champagne & Lace Weddings is here to help, with our top 10 tips to make planning your wedding the enjoyable and exciting experience that it should be.

Set a Budget

Everybody wants their dream  wedding, and everyone wants it as cheap as possible, but the truth is those two do not always go hand in hand. So make sure the first thing you do is work out a budget that you can afford and stick to it!


Now you’ve set your budget decide which aspects of the day are most important to you both and divide your budget accordingly; whether that be the venue, band or let’s face most importantly, the dress! 

D.I.Y/Hire Weddings

You can keep costs down by making some items yourself for your wedding and you’ll find lots of tips and tutorials online to help you. Or you can even hire wedding décor so that you don’t end up with a whole host of items that you need to store or sell after the big day. Which is where Champagne & Lace Weddings come in handy; have a look at our For Hire page to find the perfect décor items for your day.


Allow yourself plenty of time to plan your wedding and make sure you book your venue first then your photographer, followed by the dress, caterer, band, as these will get booked up first, and if you have your heart set on a particular venue or photographer you’ll need to get in there quick.

The meaning of the day

Planning your wedding can be all consuming and you may find yourself lost in the world of co-ordinating colours or themes but make sure you don’t lose sight of the whole point of your day -your relationship. Remember the day is all about you as a couple and your special relationship with each other. We love this quote which sums this up so well:

‘Remember you’re not getting married to impress a room full of people. You’re getting married to make the man you love your husband.’Anon.

Guest List

The guest list is a tricky part of planning your wedding; making sure that you have all the special people in your lives there but also feeling that you should invite some people you may not really want there or haven’t seen for years. Our advice is to make sure you don’t feel pressurised into inviting people that your parents for example think should be invited but you don’t really want there. Although, if your parents are contributing to the wedding budget it may be worth considering their opinion and inviting some of guests they’d like to be there to the evening reception. Ultimately, remember it’s your special day and you should invite the people that mean the most to you and those that you want to share your celebration of love with.

Don’t do it alone

Planning your wedding does not have to be something that only you have to do. Make sure you take help from others; there will be plenty of willing bridesmaids and family members keen to get involved too. Besides it’s part of the bridal party’s role isn’t it!


Make sure you choose your photographer carefully; take recommendations from friends and family and have a look through their portfolio of previous work. Your photographer will capture the memories of your special day which you’ll want to treasure for a lifetime. You don’t want to end up with less than perfect photos; remember you can’t re-do the day if they aren’t all that you hoped they’d be .

Wedding Planner

If you want your day to run smoothly without a hitch then why not consider hiring a wedding planner who can liaise with all the suppliers and will be there on the day to ensure that your special day becomes the dream you have always wished for.

On the day

Finally, the day will fly by so quickly and you will be so busy chatting with family and friends that you won’t have much time with your husband/wife. So, make sure you take time out with each other during the day to be together and sit back for a few minutes watching your guests enjoying the day!

Good luck with your wedding planning, enjoy it and if you need any help contact us.

Corinne & Nikki.x

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